Saturday, June 22, 2013


In April I went to visit my sister in Texas. This is the River Walk in San Antonio. Pretty sweet!

The Alamo. I think my niece or nephew took this one!

Flagstaff Extreme is awesome! We went there a couple of Saturdays ago. I got a little sore in strange places!

 The victory T-shirt! If you complete all the courses (including the one with the nightmare death rings) you get to buy this "special" T-shirt.

This one was the practice course. Low to the ground--not 60 feet in the air.
One part of a course. Not too hard.

Me and several family members went camping at Bear Canyon Lake last weekend. We made s'mores with a gas grill. Fires were a no-no due to forest fire risk!

My brother and sister-in-law...they are so adorable! Walking down to the lake.

Floating in a mini-raft in the lake. :)

Had some gas-grilled delicious corn on the cob...after the shucking-buttering-salting-wrapping in foil party.

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