Sunday, May 20, 2012


So in April, I headed an hour and a half north to visit my folks and got snowed on. The snow looked like bits of styrofoam or something.  The very next weekend, at my house, it got to over 100 degrees. Weird weather!

I've been trying new recipes and making some up, too!  These are asparagus quiches. Recipe is on my recipe blog

My friend Larissa and I made a new recipe! It was fabulous! Sesame chicken with orange ginger sauce. :)

This is me pretending to sneak candy from my work candy jar.  Okay, so I REALLY DO sneak candy from my candy jar at work!  Hahaha!  I have to keep working out to keep the pounds off.  I should put gross candy like Almond Joys in there so I won't snitch!

Sorry, no trips in the workings.  Maybe I'll plan one soon.  Two more inhabited continents to go!