Sunday, September 14, 2014


I went to Havasupai this year. I hadn't been there in seven years! It was lovely, but there seemed to be less water than last time I went. I also took the helicopter out of the canyon instead of hiking all the way out like last time! I have "Princess and the Pea" feet which causes problems when hiking 22 miles in a 36 hour time frame--no foot healing time!

Some canyon photos on the way in.

It's a lovely canyon.

Here are some falls pics:

The water used to be higher, as I mentioned before.

The BEST way out of the canyon for $85!!!

Some lovely aerial shots.

Here's on overview of the canyon from the top:

I would go again! But those switchbacks in the last two miles back up are a killer. I only did them once! I highly recommend the chopper out plan. :)