Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally! Alaska pictures!

This is a stuffed musk ox at the Anchorage Museum. He's a greeeeeaaat kisser! ;)
Me with Anchorage in the background. I'm standing at the edge of Earthquake Park where 75 houses once stood but got destroyed in the 1964 earthquake. The ground is still all lumpy, but that is behind me and you can't see it here.

Alaska didn't have a temple back in 1990 when we left, but now there is one there! It was fabulous to do work inside, when so long ago, the nearest temple was 3 hours by plane!

Blueberry! Delicious and wild! Mom and I went on a hike and picked a few. Mostly they had already been picked, so we mostly gleaned...

We hiked to Byron Glacier and took some way awesome pictures! A glacier is a "river of ice" made from compacted snow. It turns blue on the inside and is very pretty.

Byron Glacier. It looks like only a little way up there, doesn't it? It's a LONG way, I promise. The perspective is deceiving!

Mom and I went clam digging at Deep Creek by the ocean. This is called a clam gun.

Fishing in the Ninilchik River, the only river I fell into when I was young!

Eagle River Visitors' Center Center. One of my greatest fears is BEARS!

Anchorage Museum exhibits. This is a replica of a Native dwelling and a woman making a basket.

Protage Glacier, a place we used to go when I was younger.

Marc and some tasty halibut---doesn't look all that tasty in this bloody, smelly state!

Gateway to Prince William Sound.

Me tasting shark meat for the first time. Delicious! Melts in your mouth!

Another Anchorage Temple shot.

Cottonwood trees rot from the inside there a lesson to be learned from this???