Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas and Birthday

A special time of year...

This is a family tradition...making gingerbread houses. Not the kind that come pre-cooked and cut out for $9.96 at Wal-Mart, this is the real thing! Therefore human error must be taken into account when constructing the structure...which sometimes leads to roofs sliding off, walls caving in, etc. Adds to the challenge! This is me and my sister and one of my adorable nieces keeping the tradition alive!

This is what I got for Christmas...not the AR-15, silly, the 9mm held in my left hand above! Nothing like a little outing with the brothers!

Somehow, I became old...pretty weird. Most of my friends were out of town for my birthday, as usual because of the date, but I still had fun with the friends that did come!

Free ice cream at Red Robin!What kind of person gives someone a 2 pound sausage as a birthday gift??? This answers the question: My home teacher, Hyrum! "Gee, Merilee, when I saw this enormous sausage on the shelf in the Christmas clearance aisle, I thought of YOU!" Thanks, Hyrum, I feel loved!